Alisha Fung Crosses Canada

Alisha Fung of Vancouver, BC isn’t intimidated by the climb. “A hill is just a hill,” she says. For Alisha, the hardest part of completing a solo bike tour through New Zealand is the downhill – the flats – continuing along with no one to push you.

“When you go by yourself you have no one to complain to. You just have to suck it up.” Alisha did suck it up, and completed her New Zealand trip in 2013. This May, she’s about to suck it up again and head east across Canada.

While a pro in maintaining mental stamina, Alisha learned some hard lessons about nutritional and physical stamina on her last trip that she says she’ll be keeping in mind as she prepares for her Canada tour. In New Zealand, she ate whatever was available without much planning. This time she intends to plan out a more balanced diet with enough carbs and protein. She also has been spending a lot of time at Bike Doctor getting quality gear and bike sizing advice in order to accommodate her knee injury. With a degree in Kinesiology from UBC and a background in personal training, Alisha is familiar with the importance of proper body positioning for peak performance.

While Alisha is using the knowledge she gained from her last tour to improve her next one, every trip poses its own unique challenges. We wish Alisha the best of luck with her upcoming expedition and look forward to getting updates from the road.

Keep spinning, Alisha!



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