Visiting a Brewery this Summer?

It’s one of life’s little pleasures, you wake up to the sunlight glinting through your curtains, the birds chirping, and the warm air rolling in through an open window, when it happens.

Your are hit by the sudden urge to grab your bike and ride off on another endless summer adventure. Whether it’s a gentle roll around the sea wall and spin through Kits beach with a quick stop off for some paddle-boarding, or an iron man trudge up the Mount Seymour access road, every good summers day ends with one thing, a stop at your favorite micro-brewery which Vancouver is blessed with having many of.

You grab a flight and sample their finest work with some of your finest friends when you get a mouth watering taste of what you think is probably the best craft beer you have ever had, and the decision is instantaneous – you must take a growler of this awesomeness home and share your new discovery with the world. But oh, it’s a long ride home and my backpack is only big enough to hold some water and an allen key. You’re never going to get that beer home, all is lost and your prospecting days are done.

As you look over forlornly at your bicycle which has so far served you well on such a great day, you see it. The silhouette of leather straps that are attached to your top tube, and the memories come flooding back of one of the most valuable purchases you ever made at Bike Doctor – the growler holder. With this growler holder you can transport your riches home with you, HOORAH!

Not only is this thing practical, most will agree that it looks pretty cool too. If only we could fit two on.

Bike Doctor Growler Holder


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