Stanley Park Sea Wall

Rent a bicycle from Bike Doctor and ride around the Stanley Park sea wall
Ride around the world famous sea wall at Stanley park

Visiting Vancouver this summer and looking for things to do? Well this could be one of the highlights of your visit.

The Stanley Park sea wall is a world famous attraction composed of a stunning 22km stretch of cycling path that circumnavigates one of the most beautiful city parks in the world. It’s construction began in 1917 and wasn’t completely finished until 1971, a lengthy project that has brought huge numbers of visitors to Vancouver, just to be able to say that they have ridden ‘The Sea wall’.

With the vast numbers flocking to ride this beautiful stretch of land, safety measures were set in place, and in 1984 the sea wall was made into a one way system, allowing a steady stream of walkers, rollerbladers and cyclists to navigate around in a steady flow. It’s narrow, winding route reveals a new beautiful scene around every corner, and with a silky smooth road the entire way, it makes for double the pleasure. This is something everyone should do once!

But it doesn’t end there, take a detour off into Stanley park itself and you will discover a network of gravel and dirt trails that slink their way through the enormous growth trees that have stood proud in the park for hundreds of years, all the trails of which, are very easy going and perfect for families of any age. While in the forest you will discover Beaver Lake, with it’s Beaver lodge nestled away and the slightly larger lake of Lost Lagoon.

It is a day trip of a life, and the best way to see it is with a bicycle. You can find a great selection of rental bikes at Bike Doctor. Starting from $7ph per bike you will be on you way. Bike Doctor is a 30 second ride from Olympic Village which part of the bike path trail runs around, so you can join directly on and follow it all the way to Stanley park.

Even the locals of Vancouver consider this to be their weekend treat.

Bike Doctor Bicycle Rentals


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