Let’s Cycle to Work, Vancouver.

Riding to work
Cycle Commute
Summer is drawing ever-closer here on the west coast and this is the perfect time to transition from driving your car to work to riding your bike, yet a significant proportion of Vancouver’s population still drive. So, why would you ride a bike when you have a perfectly good waterproof tin can to get you to work?

As we mulled this over the question quickly turned from why? to why not? Vancouver is one of the most cycle friendly cities in the entire world. Let’s think about it;

“I don’t want to get sweaty before I start work”

Yes, you do. I used to drive to work everyday, I would arrive at my desk still half asleep, look at my Starbucks coffee for inspiration and wonder where I could move my car to once my 2 hour stay had been reached. Then from the motivation of others, I decided to start riding my bike to work and all of a sudden my working week changed.

After a 30 minute gentle pedal to the office I was wide awake and ready to roll. My mind was alert and Starbucks suddenly became much less of a morning priority. I felt energized instead of sleepy, and my productivity went up as a result. What’s even more awesome is that I didn’t need insurance or gas to get me there.

“It’s raining, I don’t want to get wet”

Yes, you do. Once you have the appropriate waterproof gear, including waterproof pants, booties to cover your shoes, and an awesome Bike Doctor designed rain cape, riding in the rain can actually be a very cozy experience! the heavier the rain the better.

You get to work, take take off your waterproof gear and wallah, your dry – and refreshed.

“It’s going to add a bunch of time to my commute”

You will be surprised, the time that you save not looking for parking, and the time you save by going straight ahead at those pesky, ‘right turn only except bicycles’ signs (very satisfying) will mean that you will probably arrive at pretty much the same time that you would have done in a car.

“My work doesn’t have secure bike parking”

Worry not, Vancouver has bike racks on practically every corner. Grab yourself a good U-lock and some security skewers to keep your wheels and saddle safe and you have protected your ride. Pro tip – get a second, slightly lower-end U-lock to lock your back wheel to your frame – double the deterrent!

So there we have it, a brief but complete set of reasons to give to your friends as to why they should be riding their bike to work every day. Bike Doctor has everything that you could ever need to make your cycling commute happen. Sales and service staff with decades of experience, bikes in many shapes and sizes that will suite everyone, and an ingrained love of pedaling on two wheels, come on in, our enthusiasm is infectious, really!


One thought on “Let’s Cycle to Work, Vancouver.

  1. the tip about a second cheap u lock is great and can be more appealing if you simply leave it locked where you lock your bike everyday. just bring the key and have a double locked bike without carrying the lock everywhere.


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