Decisions, decisions… choosing the right bike.


You always have a choice, but choosing to start riding a bike can literally change your life. If you’re ready to buy a bicycle after many years away from riding, choosing the right type of bike will go a long way toward increasing your confidence as you ride. A lightweight, comfortable bike will keep you riding for years to come, leading to tremendous improvement in your fitness and bike handling skills. Despite industry-wide marketing which promotes a super sporty, racing style, drop-bar road-bike, the most popular bikes the world over are the various upright models.

Norco Yorkville

The reason they are popular is that they are the easiest, most comfortable way to get around. You can see and be seen, and you are in a natural position, with no awkward strain on your back, neck, shoulders, or wrists. This type of bike will keep you riding while you develop the skills and fitness to allow you to feel good on a more sporty frame. But don’t be surprised at the performance available to an upright cyclist! Comfort and performance do go hand in hand, because you’ll put in the required time and energy necessary for marked improvement.

Norco VFR 2

Are you feeling a little more adventurous? Are you used to riding? Are you maybe thinking about checking out the off road trails once in a while? A hybrid might be the bike for you. The flat bars and relatively upright posture allow for comfort and performance, while allowing you to develop endurance and speed. If you’ve spent some time on a bike over the past few years, you might prefer the slightly forward posture of the typical hybrid. If you want the hybrid’s features, but would prefer a more upright posture, we can customize any bike of your choosing so that it better suits you.

Norco Search

Maybe you’ve been riding for quite a while, and your rides average eighteen or twenty kilometers per hour or more. Perhaps you’re thinking of riding a Fondo, or anotherĀ longer, faster type of ride. If you have good core strength and a desire for a more aerodynamic position, then a drop-bar road bike might be right for you. Whichever style you choose, comfort is king, because that’s what will keep you rolling, pedaling another day with a smile on your face.


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