Cargo-ing going gone.

005 You did it. You parked your car, hopped on your bike, and joined the commuter revolution. Your body thanks you and your city thanks you, too, because every mile pedaled instead of driven saves one pound of CO2. You would love to get rid of your car once and for all, only how are you going to carry that book shelf home from Ikea? What would you do about taking the dog to the vet, or packing up the kids and heading out on that treasured, yearly camping trip to the Gulf Islands?
009Enter the cargo bike. Check out the Yuba Mundo, the most popular cargo bike in the world. It’s the family van of bicycles, capable of hauling three kids, a family’s weekly shopping haul, or a paddle board and your gear for a trip around the world. The Mundo has an aluminum frame so that it’s sturdy yet light, stable, and easy to ride. It has powerful disc brakes for superior stopping power and control, even downhill under a heavy load.

Or you might prefer the compact Boda Boda, the lightest, least expensive cargo bike of them all. Yuba bikes have been voted the most popular bike in Europe for the last six years because their exceptionally stable handlng makes them the easiest of all the cargo bikes to ride. That makes it a great bike for women, too. The Bike Doctor has sold four Mundos over the past six months to moms on the go. It’s a comfortable, safe, fun alternative to a car, with plenty of optional add ons available to customize your ride to suit your lifestyle.

Best of all? You can kiss your lease or car loan, your insurance premiums, and those endless worries about the price of gas goodbye forever. Never again will you find yourself circling the block looking for parking, and then finally paying six dollars an hour for the privilege. Suddenly you’ll find yourself smiling for all sorts of good reasons.029Give it a go. A car-go. Life is sweeter on two wheels, guaranteed.


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