Billions of reasons to ride a bike.


There are literally billions of good reasons to park your car and ride your bike for transportation instead, and not all of them are about selflessly saving the planet, either. People who ride bikes are happier than are those who drive cars. Riding a bike increases the body’s production of its happy chemical: serotonin. Cycling also increases your dopamine, which means you have more energy, and your brain is firing on all cylinders, too. Serotonin and dopamine production, and the concomitant oxygenation of your brain as you ride combine to reduce stress, and can even reverse the brain’s ageing process. And don’t forget endorphins, your body’s natural morphine, a chemical euphoria. Your brain is flooded with endorphins when you ride. And you don’t have to be riding hard, either. A mild to moderate pace in the morning is all it takes and your body and mind will thank you for hours to come.

You’ll be healthier, too. Riding your bike boosts your immune system, by boosting the number of immune function cells. It gives you an increased ability to respond to any cells which do get in, too, so that you can fight infection off much quicker than you might otherwise. So you’re happier, healthier, and fitter. Suddenly you’ve got great legs, and a great back side, too, though many people don’t know that in fact cycling tones you all over, including strengthening your core.

Love your legs.

All in all, riding a bike makes you very attractive to the people around you. So you’re riding every day, feeling good and looking great, and you’re smiling for other great reasons, too. You’ve got extra cash on hand, because you’re not shelling out ridiculous sums of money at the pumps to get where you’re going, and that feels great, doesn’t it?

It’s a whole new you. Happy, healthy, energetic, youthful and fun: it’s a recipe for love if ever there was one. And here’s the kicker: lots of loving floods your brain with oxytocin, your body’s natural love drug. And that, my dear reader, changes everything. It makes you see others as more loving and trustworthy, and it makes you act in a more loving and trustworthy way. So you see? It’s the bike path to world peace. If only a critical mass of humanity parked their cars and rode their bikes instead, we could achieve world peace in no time.


And there you have it: a few billion good reasons to ride your bike.


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