Viva la #commuterrevolution.

Most people commute less than 5 km. On a bike, even 10 km is a reasonble  commute.
Most people commute less than 5 km. 10 km is still a reasonble bikecommute.

Active Transportion is a truly utilitarian phrase used to describe the sweetest possible way of life. Bicycling is personal and interactive, it’s face to face. Say hi to neighbours as you walk, paddle, glide or ride. See and smell the city from pleasant side streets and bikeways. You’ve gotta love the bicycle’s built in air conditioning, too, especially during those hot, dry summers! It’s such a beautiful way to enjoy the place you live in.

The ‪#‎commuterevolution‬ is well underway. Lots of people are choosing to park their cars and ride a bike around instead. Why? Lot of reasons, but most importantly, IT’S FUN! Riding feels good and it makes you look better, which makes you feel even better. It’s one of those positive cycles of escalation you sometimes hear about. The ripple effects  are enormous. That a large and ever increasing number of people are choosing an active lifestyle over the more sedentary motoring and transit options is wonderful news for our already overburdened health care system. It’s a good news story everyone can see with their own eyes. Everything about switching to active transportation creates positive gains and benefits for everyone (Except perhaps for big oil and gas). If and when you do have to drive there are less cars using the roads. Our cities are cleaner, quieter, safer. People feel better. Healthier.

“After 24 years of travelling to work at Bike Doctor it is dramatic seeing how quickly the change in commuter patterns in our city is now happening! More than half of commuter trips into downtown are by people using transit and walking and riding and this shift away from motoring is increasing,” says Bike Dr.

People riding bicycles use local shops and services in town as opposed to outlying big box retailers. This is huge! It has been proven time and time again that separated bike lanes boost business everywhere they go. Build them and they will ride and we all benefit. They will ride to health, to happiness, to wealth and well being. What’s not to love about that? Viva la #commuterevolution. It’s our saving grace.


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