Ride the Vancruisers Little 100 Relay Race!

little 100c
Vancruisers Little 100

There’s still time! Who knows? You might just win, you never know, and it’s always a great prize when you do. We won the second place prize last year, a $200 gift card for professional custom paint detailing. Not bad for an afternoon’s ride in the park!

little 100a

I enjoy all of the Vancruiser events, but this little gem stands alone as my favourite on the annual calendar. Some people say that Vancouver isn’t a friendly city, but the Vancruisers always make it abundantly clear that the people who say that sort of thing clearly haven’t met the cruisers. Yet. They should. If you feel that way about Vancouver- even just a little bit- then act now. Go to the Vancruiser’s Calendar and come out and join in the fun. Everybody is welcome to come and watch the race, but if you act now you still have time to find a team of at least four, and a good cruiser bike for the race on the afternoon of Sunday March 23. You even have time to come up with a costume. I mean kit. You’ve time to find a great team kit.

little 100

It’s a tremendously fun in the sun social event where several teams of at least four riders taking turns riding laps on a bike all compete to finish100 laps of the old, paved, root riddled oval first. Those fat cruiser tires come in handy on this particular track. So do the wacky cost…er team kits, the cheerful, fun, happy crowd, the odd little shot of dutch courage given to the athletes every so often and the sweet bikes to be seen and enjoyed everywhere.


So round up your friends, give your favourite bike the once over, and come to the Strathcona Oval on Sunday, August 23. Registration opens at noon. See you there!


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