Bike To Work Week in Winter!? What a Great Idea! Oct 26 till Nov 1

All summer a nearby staff bike rack at a local clothing design firm was jammed full every day but with cooler weather and a bit of rain it is almost empty now. However more and more people realize that it is awesome to ride all year. HUB has helped with this growing trend of year round bicycle commuting by having a fall Bike To Work Week event that encourages you and your coworkers to challenge each other to ride at a time when many people give up. Once you take this step you often realize that riding all year round is no big deal and always better than the alternatives, plus you can keep your fitness at a higher level all year round no sweat. Sign up online for free and be part of this fun challenge plus a chance at terrific prizes including a Vietnam holiday trip.

Leafy Vancouver Seawall Bike Commuter Ruth Hartnup
Vancouver Seawall Bike Path in Fall. Ruth Hartnup photo

Of course if your bike is not ready for the challenge it may be less than safe and a bit discouraging so visit Bike Doctor for some prescribed bike care. Bike repairs are discounted for all Bike To Work Week participants as are important parts like Brake Pads, Fenders and Lights. Discounts are also in place for HUB members so consider joining this helpful group!

After years of helping out at Bike Celebration Stations with bike repairs the most frequent and easy bike repair that I have to help with is brake adjustment. Most of the time your brakes were fine all summer but they were wearing down and now with cooler weather and wet they just don’t work well. Come in and get them tightened and replace worn out pads. Brake adjustments cost from $10 and are ready in 20 minutes in most cases. Don’t stop! Come in and fix those painlessly and fast!

Number two common service is gear adjustment. Most gear adjustment is dealt with by cable tension and for $10 and 20 minutes that will be ready. While we do that we will check your tire pressure and fill your tires which is the number one most needed adjustment at BTWW Celebration stations.

If you are not sure how things on your bike are working come in for a free examination of your bike. This is done within minutes and no obligation to make a purchase. Get your tires filled and oil for free too. Come in anytime this week for a quick service and grab a coffee or explore the shop while we get your bike riding well again. Remember if you sign up for BTWW you will also get 10% or more off your purchase and you can enter to win a bike too! Get set for the best ever Bike To Work Week Vancouver.

City bike with Ortlieb pannier bags and Ibert child seat
City bike with Ortlieb pannier bags and Ibert child seat